Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mid-Tennessee All Set to Be Full of Schmit in September

In the past calendar year many of his band-mates who now are the surviving members of the incomparable country-rock group The Eagles have made their way to Music City. So, it's only fitting that the golden-throated bass player Timothy B. Schmit will drop in on Nashville, too.

Yes, Don Henley was at the Ryman last October well in advance of the horrific news that his writing partner and co-god in The Eagles Glenn Frey had passed away unexpectedly in early 2016. Joe Walsh was in town in the summer on a high-octane co-bill with Bad Company. Don Felder recently flew into town to present his "Evening at the Hotel California" extravaganza at the City Winery.

Schmit who brought the hit "I Can't Tell You Why" when he joined the group in the late 70's will literally one-up his friends by playing two big shows in the region. He will follow Felder by settling in for a show at the City Winery on Lafayette Street on Sunday, September 25. 2016. Even more exciting, TBS will be a featured performer on the worldwide webcast of Music City Roots. Clearly this legendary Eagle believes Music City will be the perfect place to launch his most recent release called Leap Of Faith. We can't tell you why but it sounds like a good idea to us!

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Janey Street Unveils Her Side of Paradise on Blue Elan Records

"Music is and will always be my life - but I never thought I’d get the chance to make another record." stated Janey Street, whose career took off in the 1980s with several hit singles and videos but she was unable to maintain that same level of success in the years that followed. Yet Janey stayed on the musical path as she moved from New York City to L.A. to Nashville, writing music for movies and TV to surviving on assorted jobs.

Things changed when fan Kirk Pasich who had just launched Blue √Član Records contacted Street with an offer she could not refuse. The mission of Blue Elan Records is to bring "expertise, perseverance, a long history of working with talent and an environment that fosters creativity on the artist’s terms." An ideal label for Janey.

"It was like this whole bunch of songs just exploded and flowed out of me," she continues. "Making the record was magic. And because the label is so cool and progressive, because they trusted me and my songs and my producer Dave Darling, we made a killer record. It has been an amazing time of creative energy and having good folks around me - something I hadn’t felt in a long time."

My Side Of Paradise features a talented team of players and songwriting friends. The 13-track album packs a punch with honest lyrics about the highs and lows of life. Street’s vocals run the range from graceful to gritty which adds more realism to her words. The CD opens with the strong storytelling of "Among The Missing" followed by "Good Side" a catchy love song. Other highlights include the insightful "Grand Delusion" flowing into the swaggering title track. "Scat Like Ella" pays tribute to Ella and others all backed by a danceable retro disco beat." My Side Of Paradise is a solid record coming from the heart and soul of a true artist.

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