Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nashville Hot - Ender Bowen Squeezes Out Some Tasty New Music and a Remix

Nashville's prolific Ender Bowen isn't your typical Music City fare as exemplified on his 2015 releases Lemonymous and its partner remix album Lemonymix. This double disc project is actually a crowd-sourced funded re-release of a decade old record refreshed with some new beats and insight. Not one to bow to the local pressure and expectations from being in the Country Music Capitol of the World Bowen builds his Nashville sound on a mixture of soaring melodies, haunting lyrics, danceable beats and layered instrumentals that would probably be more at home in Europe than Middle-Tennessee.

But, in Bowen's case being so drastically different than the standard offerings from Music Row plays in the artist's favor by providing a competitive advantage. He's got the supply of emotive and emotional atmospheric anthems. The question is - is there a demand? We think fans will drink up songs like the U2-esque "Reverse Psychology" with its dreamy analysis and the shuffling "Autumn" that descends with a somber and wistful warning. All served with a tart shot of lemon to perk things up.

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